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Champion Forge Foil Tournament (DMFC 2015) – IA

October 17, 2015

Join the Des Moines Fencing Club for the inaugural Champion Forge Foil Tournament.

Senior Mixed Foil:
A senior event featuring a round of pools, a D.E., a second round of pools split and decided by the D.E. results and then a full round of D.E.s Awards given to the top four placers from each branch. USFA.

Young Squires Youth Team Event.
A team event format fenced in the NCAA team format. Nine encounters, best five of those nine wins the match. Awards given to the best performing team and the top four performing individuals (regardless of team). Non-USFA.

Cost to enter is $35.00 per participant.

Preregistration opens on 08/25/2015.
Preregistration closes on 10/16/2015.

Champion Forge Foil Open:
All participants will be seeded as per usual Open event regulations into pools. Pools will be fenced as usual and all fencers will be seeded into a direct elimination tableau. Direct elimination bouts will be fenced as per usual open standards. After the first round of D.E.s is complete all of the winners will be reseeded by their initial pool results into a new set of pools. Similarly, the losers of the first set of D.Es will be seeded into their own set of pools.

Pools will be fenced a second time this time divided into two groups determined by results of the first set of D.E.s. After the second round of pools is complete each group of fencers will be seeded into new direct elimination tableau and proceed to fence off all D.E.s until all final placements are set. Awards will be given to the top four participants (first through third) from each of the two tableaus.

This event will be sanctioned by US Fencing and ratings will be earned by the individuals who won the first round of D.E.s based on the total initial number of participants and the ratings and placement of the top eight finishers. Participants who lost in the first round of D.E.s will be awarded ratings based on the number of participants starting in their second round of pools and the placement and ratings of fencers in the top eight placement of this event.

Start time: Doors open 7:30, Close of Registration 8:30, Commence fencing 9:00, Event end ~5:00.

Young Squire Youth Team Tournament:
All entrants will be randomly seeded into balanced teams of three to four participants forming four teams. Each team will fence each other team in serial until all possible team matches have occurred.

Encounters between teams will be fenced in NCAA Team Tournament format. Each fencer on a given team will systematically fence each member of the opposing team in a regulation five touch “Pool Style” bout. Team victory will go to the team who wins five of the nine encounters. All nine encounters will be fenced, even in the case that a team wins five bouts before the resolution of all nine bouts.

Team placement will be determined in order of Team victories, Individual victories within a match, Team Indicator, Team touches scored, team touches received. Awards will be given to all member of the winning team.

After the team event is resolved the top four best performing individuals from any team (even if drawn from the same team) will be seeded according to their team event performance and will fence off for 1st through 4rd place in standard 15pt D.E.

This event is non- US Fencing Sanctioned, but will follow all regulations mandated by US Fencing.

Each team will be assigned a Volunteer Support who will help the children get on and off the strip, help with equipment issues, and facilitate the flow of the event as directed by the Referees and Bout Committee. This event is capped at 16 participants with preferential entry given first to DMFC participants.

Start time: Doors open 7:30, Close of Registration 8:30, Commence fencing 9:00 event end ~2:30.


DMFC will need at least seven Foil Referees and three Bout Committee members to successfully present this tournament. We will be attempting to fill these requirements internally to the extent possible. If we are unable to fill our staffing requirements we may need to self-direct bouts from the competitors, or cancel as determined by the DMFC Staff, and Board of Directors.

However if you are able to provide services as an official please contact Coach Alex Harms at alexmharms@gmail.com.

Officials will be compensated as below:
Bout committee members and referees will be compensated at $50.00 for the day + one even share of 20% of Net income generated by the tournament. Bout Committee members, Referees, and official Youth Support Volunteers will be provided with a lunch (Estimated cost $10.00 per person).


October 17, 2015
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Indian Hills Junior High School
9401 Indian Hills Dr.
Clive , IA 50325 United States
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(515) 633-4700
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